Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Prime Real Estate - Everyone Has It

(all images via bhg.com)

Happy New Year everyone!  This is the first year that all of our Christmas goodies have been packed and put away before New Years.  We even swept out our garage and organized it so that we can actually park a car in there.  No small feat!  We have a busy January coming up, so it needed to be done.  :)

In the midst of all the reorganizing and redecorating, I started thinking about the concept of "prime real estate".  We all have it.  Prime real estate to me are the places and spaces in our home that are the most accessible and visible.  Kind of like shelves at the grocery store.  How are we using those areas of our home that tend to be the hotbed of activity?  For me, it's kitchen counters, drawers for paperwork closest to the kitchen, middle shelves in any closet, and most accessible toy storage areas.  What's there?  Do my MVP (most valuable products) or most used items get those spaces?  If not... we gotta edit and purge friends!  :)

No one has space to waste and I find if I approach organization and storage with that idea in mind, it makes it much easier for me to edit.  I'm not one to toss things easily, but if I find that it's negatively impacting the way I live, like clutter everywhere because all my storage space is full, then... out it goes!

Here's some detailed photos from that gorgeous kitchen above that has some great ideas on using their prime real estate.

YES!  We have these in our kitchen island and a pull out cabinet for
trash and recycle.  Best suggestion we ever got from a builder.

LOVE this idea of using the same surface for the sink as the countertops. 
No worry about grout!  Also, the little ledge is genius..
now THAT'S prime real estate!

How much more practical can this get?

Love the look and idea of maximzing vertical space in a kitchen. 
Sometimes cabinets make sense, but sometimes open shelves
are even more practical AND beatiful. 


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