Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Catching Up!

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Well... I'm *almost* ready to come out of my 2 month hiatus.  I feel like life really threw us for a loop the last several months.  In a nutshell... here's what I've been up to in my non-blogging life:

  • HOMESCHOOLING:  Knee deep in trying to figure out this homeschooling business.  Few things are quite as humbling as starting something new and feeling like you have no idea what you're doing.  :P  Despite my 10 years of experience teaching in the public schools, little of it prepared me for how to do it at home.  Through a series of trial and many errors, I feel like we're coming around the bend and *most* of my days are enjoyable and manageable.  I've even gotten back to reading blogs, being consistent about my bible studies and catching up on a few shows from time to time.  :)

  • OH BABY!  In November, we found out that we are expecting our 4th child in June!  We always left the door open for God, with little to no expectation.  Needlesstosay, He had a clear plan and after a couple weeks of shock, and several months later, we are now excited to welcome a baby brother into our brood of 3.  (I'll post a baby bump photo when I get around to it.  Who has the time?) 

I've been mentally collecting ideas of new things that I'd love to write about and share with you.  Many of them of course include home decorating ideas and ways to help us all live more simply and beautifully, but I'd also love to share more about the way God is moving in our lives and the things He has impressed upon me about life and parenthood. 

I hope to get back into the regular rhythm of blogging and the first step of anything is always the hardest... so here we go again.  Back in the saddle!  :)  Thanks for your patience.


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