Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A DIY Flower Chandelier: My MASKROS Makeover

Good Morning!  I'm very excited to post pics of my 2nd DIY project for my daughter's room.  I'm so happy with the result and all it took was some time and a few craft store supplies.  No artistic experience needed.  :)

Be warned... this is a long post as I wanted to share the details of each step.  Without further adieu...

Here's how it went down:

Step 1:  I wanted to cut down the flowers.  Nothing wrong with them and you can easily do this project leaving the paper flowers as is.  Personally, I wanted the flowers to be a little bit more structured and not so floppy and I thought this would be another way make this lamp truly custom.

All marked and ready to cut!

Step 2:  After  trimming off the ends on all the flowers (all 84 of them), we move onto the fun part, painting!  My vision for this project from the very beginning was to create something with an ombre effect, using one color and going from light to dark.  To do that, I bought 3 different shades of pink and used the white paint left over from the scalloped ceiling border.  I created 6 different shades of pink by mixing white with each of the pink paints.  I painted both sides of the flower, one color at a time.

** This step took a few days since I did most of my painting while the kids were asleep and I needed to wait for the paint to dry between sides.

Step 3:  After painting a couple of layers, I started assembling the chandelier little by little.  I couldn't wait to see it come together!

Step 4:  Touch up painting.  After putting the first couple of layers up, I realized the white backs of each flower and the white ribs of the chandelier were taking away from the pink of the flowers.  It was a little too visually distracting.  So... I began to paint the backs of each flower button and the ribs.  Oops, an afterthought.

**I would totally recommend doing this FIRST if you're going to be doing this project.  MUCH easier!  Lesson learned.  :)

Step 5:  Final install.  It's coming together beautifully!

And... DONE!

I really love it!  It's so much fun to look at and of course, so gratifying to know that it's one of a kind! 

Hope this inspires you to do your own makeovers!  I'd love to see your projects too!


aya said...

Ooooh I love it! Well done Cathy!!

~*jane*~ said...

Just gorgeous Cathy! So inspired... would totally sell for three times its original price in a lighting store!

JMark said...

So beautiful - what a labor of love! Especially love seeing Micah helping.

Nancy said...

love this. very fun.

Kristi said...

Love it!

I keep seeing all these great Maskros hacks with paints but are you at all concerned that paint is flammable? I'd love to paint our Maskros but don't want to burn our house down! :)

marta_tururu said...

Nice idea!! I will publish in my blog x4duros.com next week.

Thanks for sharing :D

Al the best From Madrid (Spain)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea! Linked you right here: http://schlitzies.blogspot.com/2011/08/ikea-lampen-makeover.html

Really need to redo it! I think our lamp will be more colurfull but I love the idea and how it turned out!

I'm following!

Love, Nicky from Germany

kiki said...

Great Job! It's just pefect for a girl's Room!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this! My teenage daughter is re-decorating her room with peacock colors. This is really going to add to the overall theme.

Anonymous said...

Love this! One question. How small did you trim each individual petal? I like the more stiff look also and was wondering how short you cut them.

Linny422 said...

There are no pictures~!!!

Rebecca A. Maynard said...

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