Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Little Update

Hello!  I'm still here... but with much less free time to sit at my computer.  Life is good and full.  We're definitely in a season of transition, figuring out new schedules, new routines and new rules.  Life is never boring.  Everytime I feel like I have things figured out a little, God shakes things up. 

One thing that I love doing with each of our kiddos is to document their first year with professional photos.  It's my feeble attempt to soak up and capture this precious first year.  If I could only bottle it all up!

Starr from Starr Photography took our photos this year.  She was so great to work with and really wanted to capture the shots that were important to us.  She captured wonderful baby shots as well as great shots of the other kiddos.  Not easy... they're fast!  Check out Starr if you're looking for a great photographer in the Seattle area.

Not sure when I'll be back into a regular groove with this blogging thing.  In the meantime, hope you're enjoying your summer!


jmark said...

really love these photos - precious!

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