Monday, August 23, 2010

A Tailored Living Room


  • Color. Your eyes bounce around this room because of 2 accent colors. Notice the lime green and turquoise spread throughout the room?
  • Artwork. One of the most common decorating mistakes is using artwork that is too small and it's hung too high. These 2 pieces fit the large wall behing the sofa and are hung just right.
  • Finishes/Materials. This room has a great mix of finishes like glass, wood, soft fabrics and even some shine in the stool. The room would feel a lot heavier if they had used a heavy, solid coffee table.


  • Palette. Do you have 2-3 colors that your eye can focus on and jump to?
  • Artwork. Does the scale fit and are they hung at eye level?
  • Finishes. Do you have a mix? Soft, hard, clear, heavy?

(image from Canadian House and Home)


jmark said...

Great tips - thanks Cathy!!

Privacy Picket Fence said...

Your fence is amazing! I love how you translated the design from the Arts & Craft window.

Privacy Picket Fence


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