Sunday, April 8, 2012

Loving this Makeover!

(all photos via houseandhome.com)

Happy Monday!  I see plenty of before and afters and some are predictable and some really knock my socks off.  I found this makeover at House and Home and I truly love everything about it.  I found myself going back and forth between the befores and afters and thinking, "How did she do that?"  Here are some things that I particularly love:

1.  I think her place before was something we can all relate to.  Not awful, nice bones, but they really didn't reflect any style or personality.  I think we all have or have had rooms like these.  How inspiring to see how furniture placement, paint and being selective with choosing some really interesting pieces can just really change a space COMPLETELY!

2.  Painting the trim and wall the same color.  I know I tend to think, "Oh I want to highlight the trim or the crown molding, so I purposely choose a different wall color.  But after looking at several of her rooms, the thing that really makes the room seem bigger and the walls almost recede and seem endless is that there's no definition between, wall and window.  Except for the bathroom, it shows how interesting white walls and trim can be!  Inspiring if you can't or don't want to paint.

3.  Texture!  We've heard all designers talk about texture, but it really does make a space come alive.  Check out each of Emma's rooms... Maybe with the exception of the bathroom, every space as a bit of nature (trees, branches and flowers) , metallics (gold or metal finishes), sleek, hard surfaces and lots of soft throws and furs.

Enjoy these pics!  Thanks Emma for the inspiration!  And click over here to see the full house tour.

Living Room BEFORE

Living Room AFTER
Loving the fig tree, stacked logs, wire chairs and furs

Kitchen BEFORE

Kitchen AFTER
Loving the dark floors, (maybe slate?) and the marble backsplash!
Also, contrasting counter tops.. white on the cooktop side and dark on the island.

Chalkboard door.
What's not to like.  Great place for chalkboard paint if you don't
want to invest in painting a whole wall.


Dining AFTER
Loving the sharp contrast between white and black. 
Another great tree and bold, oversized art.  Too often, artwork is too small.

Master Bedroom BEFORE

Master Bedroom AFTER
Loving the scale of the 2 pieces of artwork and the placement of the bed.
I wouldn't have thought of that, but oh so cozy!  Great textiles too!

Bathroom BEFORE 

Bathroom AFTER
 I actually thought it wwas pretty good to begin with... but...
Loving the blue/black paint and the shower curtain!!
( if you're curious... paint is BM, Raccoon Fur)

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