Friday, May 4, 2012

A Little Moment in Our Entry

Hello there!  Well, things are definitely slowing down around here.  I'm about 8 weeks out from meeting Baby #4 and needlesstosday, I'm not embarking on any decorating projects these days.  I can hardly get through the day without a nap lately!  Most of my nesting comes in the form of cleaning or organizing as I know if I don't get to it now... who knows when I'll have the time!

For today, I thought I'd share some pictures of our entry way console table.  In my opinion, entry ways are one of the most important areas in a home.  I can't tell you how many times I pass by this table each day and it's such a great place to create a special little moment of items you truly treasure and make you smile.  Remember... elevate the everyday!

This first photo is kind of a "before" photo.  Not a bad arrangement, lots of things that make me smile.  My lovely gourd lamp, my favorite houseplant - maidenhair ferns, a painting by my grandmother that we used for our wedding, and a pair of Foo dogs given to us as a wedding present. 

Here's how it looks right now.

Just removed the fern and added a few family photos.

I love the runner I added.  It gives the table a little more depth.  I love Dwellstudio, but can't afford most of their items.  This "runner" is just 2 napkins (on sale) that I folded in half and place side by side. 

I also love my little ikat bowl from Anthropologie. 
Kind of bummed I didn't buy more as they are now discontinued.  :(

So, not a huge deal.  Just thought I'd share a little moment from our entry.  When the rest of the house is a complete mess, this is a nice place for me to find some peace... if just for a moment.  :) 

How are you capturing the little nooks in your home?  Does it make you smile or make you cringe?  Here's a little article from Lonny with some great tips for styling an entry way table!

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Oh and by the way... if anyone is curious.  I had a great time being in a flash mob 2 weeks ago!  It was so much fun.  What I loved about is that it brought so many people together!  About 800!  It was not about any one individual, but a group of people doing something that brings them joy and hopefully the "audience" too.  I loved doing it and disappearing into the sunset.  They called us... dancing ninjas... now you see us, now you don't.  :) 

Click here to watch the youtube video.  I'm at 5:03 and 5:40, for a split second! 


Avalyn said...

Cute runner, great idea to use two napkins!

Simply Grace said...

Omg #4, you are awesome. Video was awesome too, you're my hero!


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