Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Design Star Inspiration

First off, I want to thank Jenny of Little Green Notebook for including me on her Maskros Hack Round Up.  Jenny's blog is truly one of my favorites and it's an honor to be mentioned.  Thanks!  :) 

I don't get a chance to watch too much tv these days, but I did happen to catch an episode of Design Star a couple of nights ago.  Are you watching this season?  In this episode, the designers had to redesign rooms in a bed and breakfast.

I love what they did with the headboard in this room!  So simple and a great way to add color and personality into a room.  Just get plywood cut at the hardware store, get batting and fabric and start stapling away!  

Fabric is a great place to get color inspiration.  You can see how different colors play off of each other and if they look great to you on the fabric, then those same colors will look great in your space too.  I draw the same inspiration from stationary or patterned papers.  If the colors work there, they'll work anywhere. 

I really love the dark botanical fabric they used.  I've always liked botanicals on dark backgrounds like these prints found here.  A twist on a classic idea and I love how it instantly looks "cool". 

(via theevolutionstore.com)

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