Monday, August 22, 2011

Going through a Serious Reorg...

This is our playroom closet.  Oy.. it looks scarier in pictures.
This is embarassing!

Sorry for the lack of regular posts lately, I am knee deep in a whole house reorganization project.  When we got back from vacation a few weeks ago, I looked around our house and felt like I needed to do a major purge and organize.  I think it was a combination of 2 things...

1.  Being away long enough to come home and see your home with fresh eyes.  It's amazing how after a while, we don't even notice some of the clutter we've live with because it's been there for so long.  Like the pile of "stuff" kind of just becomes part of the decor.  I can't believe we've lived with our dining room as a "storage" room for the past 4 years. 

(Dining room buffett.  This is actually 1/2 way cleaned off.  It was worse.
Still chipping away at this one.)

2.  Being away made me realize how little we really need.  For example, life was simple when all we had was 3-4 outfits to rotate through.  No clothes strewn all over place, piles of laundry to be folded, or even time wasted thinking about what to wear.  Ahh... simple bliss.

(This is one part of the kitchen that never seems to stay clutter free.
Mail, cups, coupons, oh my!)

So... here I am, staying up very late after the kids go to sleep editing, tossing, categorizing, moving, donating, selling, sorting, all of our stuff.  It's a humbling and slow process.  How did we end up with all of "this"?  And do I donate it or try to recoop some of the cost by selling it?  I don't think there's any easy way around this.  Happy to hear tips if you have them.

I'm hopeful to be able to post some beautiful "after" pics in the near future.  In the meantime, ohdeedoh is running a fun 7-Day Toy Cure, a step by step process to pare down and edit our toys.  There are 6 assignments over the course of 7 days and hopefully by day 7, the toys that remain will be the ones that are the most loved and cherished.  I'm jumping into Day 1, Creating an Outbox

Let me know if you're in the midst of your own reorganization or following the 7 Day Toy Cure.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Catherine said...

Just donated 2 boxes of miscellaneous to Goodwill today. With little ones underfoot, things definitely pile up unannounced. We have a 1 in 2 out rule. Also just finished reading "The Story of Stuff"--a good read if you need some encouragement with editing your things. Good luck with the purge...

seattlegal said...

I just got rid of things of ours that I haven't looked at since we moved into the house (nearly 8 years ago).

I'm just about to start a toy purge too. Most of me is thinking I'll just donate the toys, clothes, etc. that we don't need anymore, but the Seattle Families of Multiples sale is coming up so I may join in and try to sell the stuff first. I haven't decided yet - the sale takes up a lot of time. I just want the stuff out of the house so maybe donating it would be better.

alan said...

check out this article by pastor eugene cho and his families experience with accumulating and getting rid of stuff. http://eugenecho.com/2011/08/22/a-lifestyle-of-enough/


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