Monday, June 4, 2012

Our Little, Happy Nursery

I've been in major nesting mode this past week and I'm so happy to share with you the fruits of our hardwork and hubby's willingness to hang pics and move furniture.  :)

Our nursery for "quattro" is simply the otherside of our master bedroom.  Ironically, we've never had an official nursery or baby room for any of our kids.  We were either moving shortly after a baby or just moved so we never got around to it.  AND... we love having our babies close to us, so it was never a necessity.  So, this is the closest I've ever gotten to full on decorating a nursery.  So fun!

One of the things I'm most proud of is that I hardly spent any money putting this side of the room together.  All in all... the most I spent was maybe $5 getting paper to make our little pennants!  Really! I'll explain more in the pics below.

Isn't this before photo scary?  The side of the room really fell apart.  It really became a catch-all for all sorts of stuff. 

These pom poms were the first pieces of "decor" I had for the space.  These were up at my baby shower and my friend graciously let me use them for our nursery.  This was the jumping off point for the color palette.

Next, I moved these two pinboards from my office area.  I originally bought the frames for a few dollars at Goodwill.  I already painted them yellow and I knew it they would work perfectly.  I bought just a few pieces of scrapbook paper and twine for the pennants. 

This lamp and tray were also moved from my office.  Here's the back story on the lamp.

My "runner" is just left over fabric from the drapery panels in our loft. 
* sometimes it pays to hold to everything!  :)

The last piece I have on this dresser is a vase containing sweet notes written by friends at the baby shower.  So meaningful and simple.

This dresser is was the biggest diy project and even this was super easy.  I put out a call for a dresser that someone might be wanting to get rid of.  A friend came through and after just one night of painting, this little one has found a perfect home in our nursery.  Nothing was bought.  I used leftover paint from my daughters room and used the same yellow spray paint from the frames for the knobs!

On the other side of the crib, I have a rocking chair and a lil' side table.  Both the chair and the table have been shoved into other rooms, just hoping to find a home one day.  They've been cleaned up and look great together. 

The green and yellow pillow are from our family room.  I simply wrapped a piece of leftover fabric around the yellow pillow and the cross-stiched pillow is mine, made for me by my grandmother when I was a baby.

There you have it!  I love this new space and especially the colors.  It feels calming and happy and is a joy to look at from our bed.  I finally feel like we're ready for quattro!
I'll be posting some behind the scenes photos tomorrow and list out the sources for furniture, artwork and accessories. 


Cathy said...


Anonymous said...

I love it! I just love how the colors aren't "conventional". My daughter's room is painted a Tiffany blue with orange accents. Thanks to Savory Sweet Life for introducing me to your blog.

jmark said...

Love this. So sweet and lovely

Anonymous said...

Gergeous, Cathy! Wow. I am going to refer to these pics as I think about planning my wedding- they are exactly the colors I had in mind! You are really talented. My boss and I both think so. (;

Claudine Norden said...

Love it! Thanks for the inspiration... I am totally going to copy it for our "half" of the guest bedroom that will be baby's room in June!

Brandi said...

Awe, your son's nursery is so adorable. You really did a beautiful job. I love how the dresser came together.

Rebecca A. Maynard said...

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