Friday, July 1, 2011

IKEA FRIDAYS - Happy 4th and Meet NORDEN

Happy 4th of July Weekend everyone!  This week I'm picking the NORDEN dining table for $279.00.  I saw this over at a friend's house and loved it.  They're using it as a craft/game table in the basement.  It is so great for kids (and adults) to have a great big table to spread out games, projects, or crafts.  The NORDEN comes into 2 sizes, the smaller one for $279 which accomodates 4-6 and a larger one for $399 that accomodates 8-10!  Both with removable leaves.  My friend has the larger one and it's huge!  Great if you have the room for it!

This table is a workhorse.  It is so versatile.  The crisp white finish and the clean lines will work in any room and with any decor.  What I would also add is a plexiglass top to protect the tabletop from stains, scratches and spills.  I'm all about getting plexiglass cut at your local hardware store.  Cheap and so practical!

(all images via marthastewart.com)

Before I sign out for the weekend, I had to share some of my favorite ideas from the "queen", Martha Stewart.  Most of these are pretty self explanatory, no recipes or directions needed.  My favorites:

  • Bandana Table Runner.  Pick up Bandanas at the party store and lay out on table!
  • Colored Sand Votive Holders.  Great one for kids.  Get colored sand at craft store and pour!
  • Pretzel "Sparklers".  Dip pretzels in white chocolate and roll in sprinkles.
  • 4th of July Sundaes.  Berry sorbet with whipped cream and blueberries.  Sorbet can be prescooped into cups.  :)

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