Tuesday, July 12, 2011

WHY IT WORKS - A Hollywood Living Room

When looking for inspiration this week, I came across this photo from Elle Decor.  It's the living room of Ellen Pompeo's Hollywood Home.  This photo shows so many of the classic design elements that I love and that would work in ANY home.


(via elledecor.com)

  • Exposed beams.  If you're lucky enough to have architectural details built into your rooms/home, highlight them!  I love the look of exposed beams in a home.  It adds graphic structure and a sense of rugged warmth.  You usually have 2 choices.  Highlight the beams by staining or painting or have them blend in with the ceiling.  I think the beams look fabulous in this photo and tend to think staining them is the way to go.  These ones look even better with their decorative corbels.
  • Curtain rods.  I tend to like darker rods and curtain hardware.  They ground whatever fabric you're working with.  This classic combination of a black rod and casual white drapes is beautiful.  It gives the room just enough black and provides a great soft backdrop to your room.
  • Plants.  Try to have a little bit of nature in every room.  It feels good to the eye and soul.  I love the tree she has in this space.  Imagine the room without the touches of green, it wouldn't feel nearly as alive.  House plants, trees, flowers, branches, shells...use whatever elements of nature speak to you AND is manageable to you.  :)
  • Leaning art.  I've always loved this look.  Casual and a bit non-traditional.  Love it.  Works great with a mirror too.

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