Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pixie Houses and Other Camping Thoughts

So my friend introduced me to Pixie Houses last weekend while we were camping and I think they are the most adorable things!  Do you know about these?  It's like building and interior decorating with twigs and leaves!  This is my kind of camping activity.

It really is a sweet little project for grown ups and kids.  In fact I think we had more fun with this than the kids this time.  You can make little houses (finding 4 Y shaped branches in creating the support beams is KEY), bridges, paths, gardens, tents, a fire pit, furniture, anything you can imagine your little pixies might enjoy!  This really provides hours of entertainment and so good for little ones to use their hands and imaginations to create something special. 

Other random thoughts on camping from last weekend:

  • Foil wrapped meals tossed on the fire is a good thing!
  • A doormat in front of your tent is a genius idea.
  • Having kids use squirt guns to put out the fire will keep them occupied while you're trying to pack up.
  • What did we ever do before baby wipes?
  • Will man ever win the war against mosquito bites?  (scratch scratch)

1 comment:

jmark said...

I love the simplicity and getting the kids to use their imagination - great idea!


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