Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Birthday, a Survey and a Deal!

( I started blogging when my daughter just turned one. 
Here she is at almost 2)

Wow... how quickly a year goes by.  At this point last year... thoughts of writing my own real blog were just a figment of my imagination. Check out my first post here.

Blogging has been such a gift to me this year.  People often ask, "How to do it, find time to add blogging to your schedule with 3 small kids?"  My answer is, "Amazingly, it has never felt like work and I feel like I actually have MORE energy to pour into other areas of my life because of blogging."  It really is a great feeling to do something you love and are passionate about.   

As my blog approaches its 1 year birthday in August, I want to take stock of who you are and what you find most inspiring.  My initial vision for blogging was to simply share my love of design and all things that I find beautiful.  But now, I want it more than a place where I post pictures of well designed rooms and beautiful things.  I want it to be a place where you can find inspiration to also live in a purposeful and inspired way.  I want us all to be able to see beauty, meaning, and significance in the mundaneness of everyday life.  Life happens in the small moments. 

So, I'd love to hear your feedback on how I can make this next year even better and write about things that truly inspire YOU.  Your feedback is invaluable to me.  I know time is precious, so I've tried to keep the survey short and sweet. 

As an added bonus, Emily from Jones Design Company has graciously offered a 30% discount in her shop to everyone who completes the survey.  Just enter PICKETFENCE as your discount code.  I own a couple of Emily's prints and I've written about her beautiful work on my blog here and here and here.  I know you'll have a great time shopping!

Click here for the survey.  The survey will be up for 2 weeks and should only take a few minutes.

Much love and thanks!

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