Monday, November 7, 2011

Naps and Schedules

I have to admit, before I had my own kids, I did not get the big idea about naps.  So, I totally understand if you tune out right now if you don't have kids.  Just scroll to the bottom for a link to some great planners and organizers.

For the last 5 years, naps and bedtimes have certainly played a big part in dictacting our family schedule.  Here are some of our battles:

  • can't go out because we have an infant who takes 2 naps
  • need to head home quick to catch someone's afternoon naps
  • we're coming late because they napped longer than we thought
  • kids can't sleep at night because they're napping too long
  • Dah!  They just fell asleep in the car!
  • should we drop a nap?
  • should we just shorten the nap?
  • Lastly... what about MY naps!  :)

Well, in the past 2 weeks, we've had an admittedly small change in our family schedule, but to me, it has been a change of epic proportions.  My #2 has stopped napping in the afternoon, which caused us to change our bedtime routine... long story short... All 3 of my little ones are out by 8:30 and I've found 2 extra hours in the evening that I've been missing for the last 5 years!!  :D 

So, needlesstosay, I've been enjoying my evenings and have been a little lazy.  I can hang out with the hubby, catch a show, even do some work on the computer, tidy up AND be in bed by 12:00!  No more 1 or 2am for me!  Is this the way the rest of you have been doing it all this time? 

Ok... I admit, this is probably revolutionary to only me, but boy, I feel like I've won the lottery and have been given a true gift of time. 

Lastly, I do have something helpful to share.  I came across this site with some great family schedules and checklists that you can download for free.  LOTS of good stuff.  Check it out!


Claudine Norden said...

Touche! We are transitioning to more scheduled naps and learning how we have to work around them so she stays in a smooth routine. Changing our style for sure :) congrats on the extra time you've gained. Aloha!

cwu said...

Thanks for sharing the link! :-)


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