Monday, November 28, 2011

Still Here!

On a cool fall hike.  The kids' extra energy is forcing me to get out and explore
our local trails.  I didn't know there was so much here! 

Hey gang!

Just wanted to write a quick post tonight to let you all know, "I'm still here!".  I've really slowed down on my posts this month and I kinda knew this would happen.  When I started homeschooling in September, I wasn't sure how blogging was going to fit into our new schedule.  Needlesstosay... as much as I LOVE looking for  awesome design ideas, tackling a home project and sharing them with you... sleep, cleaning, and prepping for school has now taken the front seat.

I'm beginning to realize that homeschooling isn't just something we do for an hour or 2 every day, it's more of a lifestyle.  We've chosen to have our kids with us the majority of the time so that we can capture their hearts and shape their characters.  This means... not alot of down time for mom.  :)  It's hardwork, but I really relish being able to be the one to guide their learning and teach them so many amazing things about the world God has created.

I'm not giving up on blogging all together, but will allow myself to write and share when I have the time and when inspiration hits.  I've let go of the expectation that I have to post a certain number of times per week and I've also stopped incessantly checking my stats.  :)  I will continue to share new and inspiring things that I come across and would love to share about our homeschooling journey.  (which means I have to find the time to take some more pictures)  :)

We had a productive long weekend.  Our bellies were stuffed, caught up on some sleep, the Christmas tree is up (almost), got some good deals and I've made progress on our Christmas card.  

What's on your plate this season?

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