Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Be Courageous

Have you heard of this movie?  No, it wasn't nominated for an Academy Award.  No, it probably didn't have a huge budget.  No, there aren't any big name actors in it.  No, there's hardly any eye candy.   But YES, does it deliver an important message!

My husband and I finally got around to watching this movie over the weekend.  It certainly has its share of corny moments, but in the end, we were both moved and inspired by it.  Courageous does an excellent job of showing how complicated and difficult life can be.  But it also speaks to the importance of courage, integrity, honor and perseverance in the midst of life's challenges.  Virtues we certainly don't we hear enough about these days.  It also delivers a compelling message about the important of BOTH fathers and mothers in our childrens' lives. 

If you haven't seen it, I'd totally recommend it.  We don't get a lot of time to watch movies, but this was an hour and a half well-spent!  Lots of good, good stuff to think about it and be inspired by.

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Sweet Home Northwest said...

Loved this movie. In fact, I love all their movies. We cry in every single one of them.


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