Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Latest Read... Tiger Mom

I've really enjoyed finding the time these last few months to actually read books for pleasure.  I am by no means a voracious reader, but I love a great read and love to chat about it afterwards.

I just finished reading this book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, and loved it.  I was able to relate to so many of the stories in her book being a first generation Chinese American just like her.  Amy was able to put into words the heart and soul of "chinese" parenting. A parenting approach that is based on doing anything to give your child the best and expecting nothing than the best in return.  I found the title to be interesting too.  I think many Asian parents approach parenting a bit like a battle.  They parent with hardwork, courage, perseverance, strength and determination and again, expect to see those same qualities in their children.

Amy Chua and family

In the end, I found a lot of truth in this book, many of them mirrored in my own life.  I understand better my parents' heart and challenges in raising me, their only child.  This book is not about who are better parents and who aren't.  It's about Amy's experience and her desire to raise her daughters to be the best they can be.  Don't we all want that?  Do all make mistakes? Yes, and by God's grace, hopefully we can learn from them and do better.

Have you read the book?  What are your thoughts?

Ironically, I also have this book on hold.  We'll see who does it better.  ;)

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