Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Organizing with Bins and Chalk

This was an organizing project I did a few months ago.  We have this long shelf in our loft to house toys, books, etc.  Side note, this is actually 2 Billy bookcases turned on it's side and stacked.  It didn't look terrible, but I just thought it looked a bit too cluttered and too heavy.

So I did 2 things.  I covered the back of the bookcase with plain wrapping paper from Paper Source.  I simply measured and cut the paper and adhered it with 3M Spray Adhesive.  I also got these great removable chalkboard stickers, also from Paper Source.

I really like how the paper lightened up the bookcase and it was soo easy.  *A quick plug for Paper Source Gift Wrap.  You can certainly use any paper you like, but the PS paper is really quality.  The colors are so true and the paper is just the right weight.  Even with a bit of wrinkling, I was able to smooth them all out without fear of ripping and the finished product looks flawless.

I have a bin for each child AND me.  I also tried to categories the rest of our toys.  This has worked out well for the past few months.  The kids know where to put the toys that are special to them and as our toys and needs change, I can simply erase and rewrite the labels.

PS... Bins are from the Trofast Boxes from IKEA.  $4 each!


Avalyn said...

Looks great! Those chalkboard stickers sound like a good idea.

JMark said...

Really like this - a great update but not too overwhelming. Good idea!


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