Monday, March 12, 2012


Yes... it's 11:00.  Yes...I've decided to paint the walls in our kitchen.  Yes... I could very well be nesting.  :)

Sometimes when inspiration (or energy) strikes, we just need to take advantage of it.  I've been thinking about changing the paint color in our kitchen for awhile now.  I like the soft, minty green, but I'm just ready for a change.  Why not just do it?!  So... I got some left over paint and was able to get most of it done in about an hour and half while catching up on a couple of old Martha Stewart shows.

I'm calling it a night.  Tomorrow, we'll have to get out the big ladder and finish up the ceiling trim.  Paint.  It really is THE easiest eay to update a space AND free if you're using left over paint! 

1 comment:

Avalyn said...

I like the grey, nice and neutral. I think I would get tired of the green after a while.


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