Monday, September 20, 2010

A Gorgeous Kitchen

I came across this kitchen about a year ago and I still come back to it from time to time.  It's one of my all time favorites.


(image from Design Sponge)

  • Color!  I absolutely LOVE the color of these cabinets!  My cabinets are white right now, and if I ever decide to change things up, I'm going for this look. 

  • The rug!  I love that pop of color and how it relates back to the orange in the clock.  Doesn't that rug just make you happy?

  • The glass front cabinets and farm house sink.  In my opinion, these are classic designs and will never go out of style!   

  • Painted cabinetry.  I love the look of painted cabinetry.  If you're looking to update your kitchen cabinets, painting is a great option!  Paint and new hardware can completely tranform a kitchen.  I love grays!
  • A rug in the kitchen.  Most of us spend countless hours standing in the kitchen and we all need a rug to save our feet.  I love a beautiful rug, but in a high traffic area like a kitchen, I have to be practical too, which is why I like FLOR tiles.  They come in a beautiful range of colors and there are so many ways to make your own custom rug!  I have FLOR tiles in my home and I don't feel guilty when I get a stain and need to replace a tile.  I love FLOR so much that I'm sure I'll be doing a separate post just on FLOR in the future.
  • Countertops.  I know it's a battle, but having a clutter free countertop is so good for the soul.  It's not realistic to have our counters look like a magazine picture all the time, but I'm always looking for ways to edit and store.  Take a look at your kitchen and critically look at all the things you have on your counter.  How much of it is necessity and how much of it can be thrown away or stored? 
To see more of this beautiful home, click here.

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peanutmama said...

I love this inspiration Kitchen Kathy! It gives me hope that a small space can still be beautiful.


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