Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Roses and Hydrangeas

September is a great time to get deals on plants and flowers.  You'll have to be patient as most of them won't be blooming until next year, but you'll get some great deals.  Many of you probably have more experience than me as I'm a newbie gardener having only had a garden for 2 years.  But, I've been able to enjoy the fruits of my garden already!  Gardening is so therapeutic and there's so many life lessons to be learned along the way.  Another reason I love to garden is that I love to have fresh flowers at home.  With my own garden, I can get them for FREE!  One of my simple joys is going out to my garden, cutting flowers and greenery, and thinking of ways to arrange and display them.


Here are 2 of my favorites.  If you have a sunny spot, I recommend roses.  I've planted English Roses mostly from David Austin.  I love roses that have full blooms that almost look like peonies (my most favorite flower).  Roses are great, because they are so generous with their blooms. They just keep blooming and blooming!

If you have a shady spot, go for Hydrangeas.  These are old fashioned, full and have also generous blooming season.  I particularly like varieties with white and lavender flowers.  At first, I was only familliar with the ball, mophead type Hydrangea.  Now, I've learned about lacecaps and oakleaf hydrangeas.  I'm loving the oakleafs and just planted 2 this year.  Hopefully we'll get some blooms next year!   You can click here for more information on hydrangeas.   

Here's another great resource that I stumbled across a couple of years ago.  Like anything else for the home, plants are an investment.  The information here helped me narrow down what I wanted to put in my garden. 
Here are some more photos of bouquets I've been able to make this summer with flowers from my garden.  I hope this inspires you for next year.  :)


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