Monday, September 13, 2010

Nate Berkus!

I have always loved watching Nate on the Oprah show!  I was ecstatic when I heard he was getting his own show!  I love his design philosophy and his style.  He's definitely one of my favorite designers!  In honor of his new show, The Nate Berkus Show, starting today, our inspiration room this week is from Nate's Chicago Apartment.


photo from Elle Decor via Apartment Therapy
Wall Color:  Like in most things, balance is key.  Notice how he kept the background of this room neutral so that things in the foreground can pop.  The rug is amazing, I'll be featuring a similiar rug on my blog on Friday.  I love paint and I think color is great, but sometimes, you just can't go wrong with classic white.

Legs:  Tables, chairs and sofas usually have exposed legs or covered legs.  Nate has used exposed legs for all the pieces in this room.  When you see the legs on a piece of furniture, it makes it appear lighter because your eye can travel all around it.

Color Story:  The color story in this room is basically black, white, brown and green.  Neutral, but definitely not boring.  Most importantly, notice how the colors relate to each other.  The black is seen in the rug, bookshelf and art.  The browns are in the sofa chairs, and art.  Lastly, a punch of green is brought in through the chair cushions, pillows and flowers.


Colors:  Take a look around, can you narrow down your colors to 3 or 4?  Do they relate to each other?  Do you see your primary colors in various pieces and throughout the room?  A common mistake is to err on either extreme.  Often we put too much color in a room because we can't decide, or we're so afraid of color that the room is too neutral and boring.

Rug:  I love rugs.  Because they're usually large and in the center of a room, they make a big impact.  Even if you have wall to wall carpet, go ahead and put an area rug on top.  It works!  Rugs are a great place to draw color inspiration too.

Wall Space:  Take another look at Nate's room, notice how well he uses his wall space to display art and collections.  Another common decorating mistake is not using your wall space well.  Many times, artwork or photos are too small and you're left with a blank wall that looks unbalanced.  Look around your space,  how are you using your walls?   

For more photos of Nate's Chicago Apartment, click here.

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