Monday, October 4, 2010

Greetings! An Entry Inspiration


I came across this blog, My Sweet Savannah, a few months ago.  I love Melanie's casual, shabby chic vibe!  Her photos are gorgeous and she has some great tunes on her blog to boot.  Love it! 

image from My Sweet Savannah

She posted this photo of her entry and I'm inspired to re-do our entry in a similiar way.  We all have an entry way in our home.  For many of us it's the garage door and for some of us, it's the front door.  Either way, this humble space is what sends us off on our day and it's what greets us at the door when we end our day.  What a compelling reason to make sure this small space is special.  This space speaks to the heart of "elevating the everyday".

So evaluate your entry and how does it make you feel?   Does it make you feel happy?  Is it functional? Functionality in an entry is key!  Nothing robs good design more than clutter!

What I love most about Melanie's entry is the stripes and the framed photos.  The stripes give a such a sense of movement to the space and the photos, well, again, what better why to start or end your day than by looking at beautiful photos of the people you love most.  Also, can't forget about function.  The hooks are practical and beautiful. 


For me, I'm considering painting the stripes using Restoration Hardware Paint in Latte.  We've used this color in our great room which is right off of this entry.  It will tie both spaces together perfectly.  I'm a big fan of Restoration Hardware paints.   The colors and finishes are gorgeous!  You really can't go wrong with any of their colors. 

Frames, I think I'll go back to my trusty Ribba Frames from IKEA. 

This project is now officially on my to-do list and now that I've publicly declared it... more motivation to "get to it!"  Stay tuned.  For more photos of this beautiful home, click here

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