Monday, October 25, 2010

Why It Works - Fall Decorating

Gosh, it feels like we were just talking about going "Back to School" and now we're full swing into fall.  Every year, it takes me a little while to get into the "fall" mood as summer is really my favorite time of year.  But by now, I've caught the fall bug, and I'm really getting inspired to get our home looking and feeling comfy and cozy.  For this week's WHY IT WORKS post, let's talk about some inspiring front doors and porches.


One thing that all these porches have in common is their use of natural elements to bring in the look and feel of fall.  I love that!  This type of decor is casual, timeless AND economical.  Plus, this type of decor can last all the way through Thanksgiving.  Everything you need for these outdoor looks can be found at your local grocery store or home/garden store.

  • Pumpkins.  I have to admit, I really prefer to display pumpkins and gourds "au natural".  They are so gorgeous on their own!
  • Mums.  These are quintessential fall flowers and you can find them everywhere!  I bought a few for my front porch and they were 2 for $5.00!  If you take a close look at these photos, you probably won't need more than 2 or 3 plants.
  • Branchs/Twigs.  I love using these for decoration.  I actually prefer branches that are completely bare.  They are so beautiful and sculptural AND I don't have to worry about falling leaves after I've put together my arrangement.  :)   


  • So, step one, look around your own yard and see what you already have that you can use.  Are you pruning your trees and shrubs anyways?  Ask friends or family.  Most likely if they're pruning, the branches are just going in their compost bin, I'm sure they'd love to share!
  • Pumpkins and mums.  They are everywhere!  Look at this photo to the right and you can see you can get a stunning display with just 3 mums and one pumpkin!
  • Composition.  Use these photos for inspiration.  In the first photo they've used 4 large pumpkins and 5 small ones and in the last photo they have 3 pumpkins, small, med. and large.  Take the photos with you or write down what you need.  I will often take pictures with me to the store so I know exactly what I need.  Most of us don't have the time to be going back and forth to the store.

(all images from hgtv.com)
Check back often this week as I will be posting Halloween party ideas everyday.  And if you haven't gotten a chance to notice all the gorgeous leaves this season, slow down and LOOK!  :)

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Lys said...

your blog makes me want to try my hand at aesthetics more... thanks for the economical and natural tips!


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