Friday, October 29, 2010

IKEA Fridays - Meet Persika and Farm

So all this week, I've been writing about fall decorations and Halloween party ideas.  I wanted my IKEA post this week to stick with this theme so I'm going to start with this inspiration photo.

(image from hgtv.com)

Isn't it lovely?  Like I mentioned on Monday, using natural twigs, leaves and branches are great way to add a touch of fall to your decor.  Check out that white vase.  A white vase is so versatile because it goes with any holiday, event or season and because it's solid, you can put together an arrangement and not have to worry about how the stems/branches look at bottom of the vase.  It makes it much easier to put an arrangment together.  Here are 2 great vases from IKEA.

Meet Persika.  It has a similar shape to the vase in our inspiration photo and I love how this modern shape will look with some rustic branches.  I think the contrast is striking.

Meet Farm.  Aren't these great?  Can you imagine them all grouped together with some small twigs tucked in?  Understated and beautiful.  I'll need to pick these up on my next trip!

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