Friday, October 1, 2010

IKEA Fridays - Meet EXPEDIT

Happy October!  This week's pick is an old IKEA favorite, EXPEDIT.

This bookshelf is so practical and versatile it can take you through every life stage; childhood, the college years and well beyond.  At some point, some of us may have even hastily tossed one away.  I love pieces like this.  They appear plain and boring at first glance, but with a little creativity and inspiration they take on a life of their own.  I love seeing pictures of how people creatively style and use their EXPEDIT.  The possibilities are truly endless!  This first photo is from the studio of one of my favorite blogs, Making it Lovely.  Nicole is very talented and is constantly bringing new ways to "make things lovely". 

image from makingitlovely.com

Enjoy these other inspiring examples.

image from ish and chi

image from apartment therapy

image from ohdeedoh

1 comment:

peanutmama said...

Great piece. Will be one of my many ikea purchases. Thanks for the tip!!


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