Wednesday, March 9, 2011

FLOR Carpet Tiles

FLOR tiles are great!  If you're unfamiliar with FLOR, they are carpet tiles that are made from renewable and recyclable content.  They have a great range of patterns and colors that you can customize and fit virtually any space. 

I first discovered FLOR when we moved into our  house and I wanted an area rug that was beautiful, durable and economical.  Our rug has worn incredibly well over the past 3 years with 3 kids!  We've had our share of stains and spills and everything has come out!  If we happen to get a stain that won't come out, we can simply replace that one square.  I also love the firm, rubber backing that doesn't slide and doesn't require a carpet pad.

But the thing I like THE BEST about FLOR is their customer service.  I was shocked when I called FLOR to ask some questions about color and a real person actually anwered the phone AND answered all my questions then and there!  No tranferring, no waiting.  Unheard of!

Here's a few designs I've put together for our kitchen.  Still undecided...

(ins and outs)

(shirt stripe)

(All images from flor.com)


cwu said...

What a great idea! You're right, I like the fact that you would only have to replace one tile if there's a permanent stain - rather than replacing the entire carpet.

By the way, of the three you're deciding on, I like the middle one. :-)

scarlet reynolds said...

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Abel Smith said...

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