Monday, March 28, 2011

WHY IT WORKS - Making an Entrance

Happy Monday everyone! Our inspiration room for this week comes a blog I recently discovered, Cape 27 Blog. This room caught my eye because I love how Jessie was able to "create" a beautiful entry in a very open concept room. A lot of homes have open concept rooms where the moment you walk in, you have a hallway and an open space either on your left or right. Often, it's challenging to figure out how to create a nice landing spot when everything is so open. Here's how I think Jessie successfully did it! 


(via cape27blog.com)
Click here to see more photos of Jessie's beatitful home

  • Rug/Runner. This visually creates a nice landing spot or path and naturally invites you into the space. I would do one or the other. Having a rug and runner might be too much.
  • Coat Rack. We have a coat rack in our front entry too. So practical and welcoming. Without any words, it just says to your visitors, "Take your coat off, relax, and stay awhile". :)
  • Console Table. Without a doubt, console tables are my favorite pieces of furniture ever. There are so many things that can be used as a console table; a desk, dresser, sideboard, bench.  The more creative the better!


  • Rugs.  Use rugs to create spaces within a space.  I love how Jessie used a runner for the entry area and another area rug to create a visual border for the living room space. 
  • Furniture Placement.  This arrangement works great!  It keeps everything nice and open.  You can see a bit of an armchair opposite the sofa.  Another possible option is to put a small sofa or pair of armchairs opposite the console table.  This would more formally create 2 distinct spaces.
  • Accesorizing the Console Table.  There are a few tried and true things that always work.  A mirror, a great lamp (you don't need a pair), potted plant or fresh flowers, photographs, a tray or beautiful dish as a catch all and baskets for additional storage. 
  • Bench/Hooks.  Another option for console table is a bench and hooks for coats/bags.  This might be more practical for your space and works just as well in creating a beautiful landing spot.  Pottery Barn has some great ones as inspiration.


I notice I post more on entrys than any other room in the house.  It's because I believe entrys set the stage for you and your visitors to exit THE world and to enter YOUR world.  You want to open your front door and say "Ahhh... I'm home!"  It sets the tone and is the first and last thing you and your guests see.  This is probably why I'm so big into invitations.  It's the setting of the tone and wetting the palette for more to come.  All this to say, don't neglect your entrys.  Often they become just dead space and just pass throughs, but they really are so much more than that.  Invest the time to bring your entry to it's full potential!  :)  You'll find joy in it every time you leave and enter your home and isn't that what "elevating the everyday" all about?  :)

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