Monday, March 14, 2011

WHY IT WORKS - A Green Room

Happy Monday!  St. Patrick's Day is coming up on Thursday and I thought it would be fun to use it as inspiration for our WHY IT WORKS for this week.  Green is one of my favorite colors, gray is up there too.  Green never goes out of style.   It's the color of spring, freshness, life and to me, joy.  Here's a lovely home I saw over at House Beautiful and it showcases several good design principles that we can all use.


  • Window Treatments.  There are so many options for window treatments, almost too many options.  I know I've been paralyzed as to which one to choose as they are expensive and you don't want to make a mistake !  This photo showcases a good option; woven shades.  Woven shades add a natural element to any room whether it's modern, contemporary or traditional.  Any room feels more inviting with a bit of nature tucked in.
  • Wall space and art.  When looking for places to hang wall art, consider the space between your windows.  Whether wide or narrow, many times these little areas are just the right place to hang art.  With the framing of windows on either side, you already have naturally symmetry and a focal point.
  • Floating furniture.  We've heard this from designers over and over again.  So many of us make the mistake of pushing all of our furniture up against the walls thinking it's going to open up the room.  In many cases, it just makes rooms feel disjointed and uninviting.  Take a look at our inspiration photo.  It's a large room and imagine if all the furniture was placed along the perimeter... it would really leave the room feeling empty and cold.  With the furniture floating inside the space, it feels full, cozy and comfortable.


  • Ok.  Let's review.  Consider woven shades for window treatments.  It's a timeless choice that is versatile and gives texture and life to a room.
  • Wall art.  Reconsider those spaces between your windows or on the side of your windows.  Could they work for you?
  • Float furniture.  Don't be afraid to experiment and move furniture around.  In my experience, often you can't really tell unless you see it and feel it.  All it takes is some man (woman) power.  :)

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