Monday, April 18, 2011

WHY IT WORKS - A Family Kitchen Nook

Happy Monday everyone!  I love this photo.  It's a great example of how good design, function and kids can all happily coexist !  Here's what I love about it.


  • Banquettte.  If your kitchen allows for it, either a long wall, window or corner like this one, I'm a big fan of a built-in banquette.  They are practical for storage underneath, cozy for kids, it can accomodate alot of people and they're just so darn charming!
  • Wallpaper.  Wallpaper has come a LONG way.  The wallpaper here is fresh and helps to hide a multitude of imperfections.
  • Mixing styles.  I love the look of the modern Eames chairs with the traditional pedestal round table.  Both are durable and are well suited to meet the needs of a busy family.  Good style CAN be kid friendly too!
(via houseandhome.com)


  • Storage.  Kitchens tend to be the hub of all activity.  Do you have closed storage for all the stuff that tends to migrate into this area?  Bins or cabinets for toys, crafts, art supplies, etc
  • Style.  Is your kitchen more function and less fashion?  Easy ways to inject style is through window treatments, wallpaper and covering a bulletin board with beautiful paper or fabric.
  • And lastly, edit, toss and store.  This is an endless task, but oh so essential for living well.  It helps to build it into a routine.  For me, I try to make sure the sink is clean and the counters and tables are cleared off (as much as possible) each night.  There's nothing more gratifying than walking downstairs to a beautifully clean kitchen in the morning.  :)  I often think of our kitchen as a restaurant with 3 big rushes during the day; breakfast, lunch and dinner.  At the end of the day, we close up shop and regroup and try to start fresh for the next day. 


Lys said...

Don't you think this would be perfect in our corner? I'd love to do this someday soon...

cwu said...

I can totally see that, Lys! :-)


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