Friday, September 2, 2011

Chairs... Oh What To Do

I'm interrupting our regularly scheduled post, because I need some help as to what do with these chairs.  :)

I bought these at a thrift store last week for $5.00 each.  I'm making over our old breakfast nook chairs to be used in our dining room and these will become our new nook chairs.  Pretty simple, well constructed with a bistro sort of feel.  They're all primed and I'm stuck as to how to paint them.

Here's our kitchen and here's what I'm thinking...

Paint them a bright green color like here. 

(via tilthrestaurant.com)

 Paint it white and keep it simple like here:

(images via houseandhome.com)

Paint it white and add some vertical mocha stripes so that it would relate to this:

and this:

What do you think? 
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one! 
Leave me a comment. 


Lys said...

option 1 or 3, cathy! what a fun green. but it would be cool to complement your other stripes,too...

Colleen Kemp said...

I love the green!!! They're all beautiful, though. And I can't get over how great the overlays look! :)

aya said...

Option 2 - You know how much we love white around here! You can add a pop of green in the seat cushions or accessories...but I'm sure whatever you decide will turn out fabulous :)

MB said...

I think all of the options you've listed would look lovely. I just stumbled across your wonderful blog via Pinterest. I'm so glad I did:)

volswife said...

I'm thinking either solid white with taupe cushions or the same taupe color as the overlay Ikea cabinet?

Avalyn said...

I think you should go with a bright color, but what about a nice blue? Based on the pic of your kitchen I'm really feeling something like turquoise or robin's egg. Maybe you can match some of your pottery in your kitchen?


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