Friday, September 30, 2011

Grace Bonney - Love Her

To say my plate is full lately would be an understatement.  I'm probably no different from many of you out there with your days packed and your evenings are filled running around with kids or with friends.  This week has been filled with activity every night so I've had little time to write, let alone sleep and keep up with the on-going to do list at home. 

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Nonetheless, I was able to sneak out this evening and go to the Design Sponge at Home Book Signing Event at my local Anthropologie.  My 30 second chat with Grace Bonney was inspiring.  She, like other "big bloggers" I've met was so gracious and unassuming.  She's just like the girl next door who you'd love to gab with and go shopping with. It's amazing that she started the #1 design blog in the world!  I was telling my husband she's like the Steve Jobs of the design blog world.  ( I tried to put it in terms he could understand.)  :)

Sitting in bed and reading her blogging story in her book was so inspiring.  Her story is no different from mine or maybe many of yours.  You're drawn to blogs or write a blog because you simply want an outlet for your passion and you probably don't even care if people read it, it's gravy if they do.  That's what I love about the blog world.  It's so organic how it comes together and it's accessible to everyone.  You just have real people, doing and seeing fabulous things, and at the end of the day... it's really just someone sharing their heart and joy as they tap away on their computer (most of the times in the wee hours of the night). 

Read more about Grace here through an article on Houzz. 

Hope you find some time this weekend
to do something that makes your heart sing.  :)

See you Monday!

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