Tuesday, September 27, 2011

An Inspiration Board - Modern Retro in B & W

Happy Tuesday... I'm just going to keep rolling with the B&W theme this week.

I put together this inpiration board for my cousin who moved into a new apartment in Vancouver BC.  He wanted a clean, retro, but modern feel.  Modern with some warmth.  So here's what I came up with. 

What I love most about this board is that it shows how a room in black and white can still be interesting, have character and feel inviting.  A neutral color palette does not have to mean boring.  The key is having a variety of textures and patterns.  I tried to combine sleek shiny surfaces with pieces that were more rough and weathered. 

1.  IKEA Barometer Floor Lamp
2.  IKEA Kulla Table Lamp
3.  IKEA Bild Art Print
4.  West Elm Throw Pillows
5.  Sac Couch  ( Had this already, built room around this piece)
6.  IKEA Barometer Table Lamp
7.  CB2 Tux Coffee Table
8.  IKEA Stockholm Rand Rug
9.  West Elm Raw Edge Media Console
10.  West Elm Ikat Ogee Linen Panels
11.  Etsy NYC Grand Central Station Print
12.  CB2 Gear Console Table

All pieces are fairly affordable and easily accessible.  :)

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