Thursday, September 22, 2011


I just heard about this and knew I HAD to post this on IKEA Friday.  Most of you are familiar with Smaland for kids right?  The play area at IKEA.  Well, in one IKEA store in Australia, they've put together a Manland for men.  Seriously.  A lounge with video games, tvs and a place for them to hang while the women shop.  There seems to be mixed feelings about this. 

( via theweek.com)

My personal take... I guess the 30 minute buzzers to pick up your man might be a little degrating, but overall, how different is this than the tvs they put next to dressing rooms at department stores?  I guess, if a guy has to go to IKEA, and he doesn't like it, why not give him another option.  :)

Click here to read more and see a video

What do you think?


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