Monday, November 1, 2010

Why This Works - Dwell

It's late and I'm recovering from a great Halloween Party.  Oh boy - was our house full tonight!  Can you imagine... 20 kids under the age of 5 running around in costumes WITH candy?  Noise and energy, laughter and fun... in my opinion, that's what makes a house a home.  So... let's go on to a short but sweet, WHY IT WORKS this week.

WHY IT WORKS:  Dwell Studios never ceases to amaze me.  Their color combinations and patterns are just gorgeous.  I've fallen in love with one of their latest patterns, Zinnia.  Take a look!

First of all, the color combination is genius.  Soft pink, light and dark grays with a hint of sky blue.  Wonderful!  And those flowers are feminine, graphic and fun!  Unfortunately, these linens are not in my budget these days, but I can definitely steal the look. 


  • Now, if you're really on a tight budget, but are inspired by this pattern, the cheapest way to recreate the feeling is with paint.  You can use any of the colors in this pattern as wall color.  Check out the pink they used in the first photo and the light blue they used in the second photo.

  • If your budget allows you to purchase something in this collection, I would first start with the sham for only $36.  Even if that was the only throw pillow you had on your bed, it would definitely make a statement. 

  • Another idea... consider buying the shower curtains just for the fabric.  You can make dummy draping panels, a simple valance, your own throw pillows or use it to back a cork bulletin board!

  • And if you can really splurge!  Go for the duvet and rug and send me pics!  :D

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