Monday, October 3, 2011

My Weekend ... Paint and Shelves

Ok... I'm realizing I have a serious problem and I'm going to call it "projectitis".  :)  This condition causes me to have an insatiable desire to paint, move, reorganize or redo spaces in my house. When I look around my house, I'm usually thinking...

"hmm... I wonder what that would look like in a different color?  hmmm... I wonder how that would look if I moved it over there..."  "hmm... how about wallpaper... window treatments?... hmmm..." 

The prognosis... I will live in a very well-loved home, pouring myself into every nook and cranny... but, I will probably never see my home as finished and be able to put the paint brush or tape measure down!  Do any of you suffer from this same condition?  :)  Oy!  It's both a blessing and curse I tell ya.

Last week I wrote about adding some more contrast to my all white kitchen... I've been thinking about it ever since.  I didn't paint my cabinets black yet, but this afternoon while the kids napped... I decided to paint one wall.  Carpe Diem right?  What used to look like this:

Our kitchen walls are a soft, light green. 
Grecian Green by Benjamin Moore

Now looks like this:

IKEA EKBY shelves
Paint:  Galveston Gray by Benjamin Moore

A few thoughts on this project:

  • This truly was so easy and didn't cost a thing.  I just used paint left over from the dining room.  I LOVE this gray.  It's Galveston Gray by Benjamin Moore.  It's a wonderful, cool-gray.  Using left over paint in different areas of your home is not only economical, but it allows your rooms to flow nicely from one to another. 

  • I really didn't mind the children artwork on the wall.  This is a designated kid zone.  But I wanted to add shelves because I don't have a place to put the kid projects that need to sit somewhere rather than being taped up. I have a whole wall where I tape things up.    

  • While at IKEA picking up the brackets, I was really debating whether or not to go for white or black.  I decided to go with black.  So glad I did.  White would've worked and would've been the safe choice.  I LOVE the contrast of the black, against the gray wall in my all white kitchen.  The risk paid off.

Sorry for the grainy, un-styled pictures.  But at this point, if I wait to style each photo and try to get the perfect shot, I may never get to posting a single project.  Hope you get the idea.  Trust me... I'll be styling away in the days ahead.  :) 

Last Friday, I wrote about doing something over the weekend that made your heart sing.  This is what did it for me.  A mini-makeover that breathed new life into a tired corner.  What about you?

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cwu said...

Seriously! I have it, too! I think my husband's on the verge of calling an intervention! :-) It's amazing how just changing the color of a wall can change the atmosphere, add dimension, and perk up one's mood! It may be just a little nook, but it's a lovely transformation!


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