Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kitchen Chairs - The Reveal

Has the suspense been killing you?  Have you been staying up at night wondering if I went with white or green?  :)  Well I put in some over time decorating hours this past weekend and the chairs are now done!

Last Friday I posted pics of these thrift store chairs in a rather sad state. 

Here they are today.

I'm very happy with them!  Such a great shot of color and it's such a happy green.  I went with Lemongrass by Behr at Home Depot.

Not too far off from my inspiration pic:

(via tilthrestaurant.com)

It's funny, I went to this restaurant last year and the food was good, but what really stuck with me, was how much I loved their lovely green chairs.  Clearly, you know which of my 5 senses are more attuned. 

I'll be sharing more pics tomorrow documenting the process and some of the tricks I picked up while painting.

Last, but certainly not least, thank you so much to everyone who gave me feedback through a comment, email, text.  It was so fun to hear from so many of you!  Green was by far the most popular choice and it gave me the confidence to go for it.  Painting with bold colors is scary, even for me! 

This got me thinking... wouldn't it be fun AND helpful to be able to send me pics if you're in a design dilemma and I can post them and have people comment and give feedback.  I could see it as a regular column?  Sound fun?  Well... if you have a design dilemma, send me a pic and we'll see what happens!  :) 

I think that's the beauty of developing a great online community through blogging, being able to help and encourage each other to solve problems and live better.




cwu said...


Avalyn said...

The green color you picked looks great!

Colleen Kemp said...

Love! And they look brand-spankin'-new!


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