Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentine's Day Treats

I know, we're just getting started with January, but hey, February is right around the corner.  Starting early, always makes any holiday more fun!

I'm not one to go all out for Valentine's Day.  I've evolved.  There was a time when if roses were not on the agenda, it made for a bad day.  How silly!  Now, I just feel like it's a fun day to show friends and family a little extra TLC.  Who couldn't use that right?

Here's what I have in mind.  I LOVE this template from Twig and Thistle.  You can download it for FREE!

(images via twigandthistle.com)

I've already purchased bags from their etsy site.  25 for $5.00.  Not bad at all!  :)

So then... what to fill them with?  I LOVE these Almond Chocolate Toffee Crunchies from Savory Sweet Life.  They are fool-proof and work everytime!  They are truly the best mix of salty, sweet, and crunchy. 

(via savorysweetlife.com)


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