Monday, January 31, 2011

Why It Works: A Blue and White Guest Room

We just got back from a little family vacation and I'm pooped.  So here's a quick one for this Monday.


(via House Beautiful)

  • Color.  Black and white or navy and white never go out of style.  It's clean, simple, and it's easy to put together. 
  • Beds in front of windows CAN work.  Bed placement in a bedroom is key because everything else revolves around the bed.  Every room is different, but don't rule out putting a bed in front of a window.  Try it.  :)
  • Vignettes.  I love how they styled the nightstand and the wall behind it.  Clean and beautiful.  Consider doing the same thing with a round mirror, small lamp and a couple of books and accessories.  A framed photo of your guest is always a nice touch.


  • Color.  Pick 2 colors and go with it!  Pick basics and you can easily pull the look together with pieces from different stores.   A lot of times you can find great single pieces at TJ Maxx or Target.  With basic colors, you can easily mix and match.
  • Duvets/Pillows.  This is usually a great starting point if you're not sure where to start.  There are tons of beautiful stuff out there at all price points.  Start with your bedding and get inspired by the colors and prints.  You can EASILY get paint, rugs and accessories to match.

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