Monday, January 10, 2011

Why It Works - A Nursery

2 things.  First, I love looking at kids rooms and nurseries for design ideas.  There is so much freedom, imagination and creativity that can go into a child's room that may not work anywhere else in the house.  Second, I love seeing rooms that use the same pieces that I have seen and have taken note of.  It's confirmation that yes, I CAN trust my eye!  Let's take a look at Eloise's Nursery this week. 


(via colleenkemp.blogspot.com)

  • Pattern.  Mixing patterns can and does work!  I wrote about the Zinnia crib bedding from Dwell Studio and I also wrote about the Stockholm Rand rug from IKEA.  Honestly, I would not have thought to put them together.  But it works!
  • Pink doesn't have to mean princess.  Just because the walls are pink, there's plenty of ways to inject personality into the space without going with a traditional princess theme. Nothing wrong with princess, but it's nice to have options.  :)  This room is feminine, but still is bold and has character and tons of charm.
  • High and Low.  This room is a great example of mixing pieces of all price points.  Clearly the bedding was a splurge, but it's a key piece in the room and its balanced out with all sorts of really affordable pieces.

  • Mix patterns.  This can be a great exercise in recycling and repurposing.  Look around your home.  What do you already have that you could mix with something in another room.  Try it!  You never know!
  • Pink.  I've always been hesitant to paint a room pink, but after seeing this room, it gives me hope that pink can have longevity and I can incorporate other styles as my little girl grows up.
  • Invest/Splurge.  Take time to shop and decorate.  Don't rush into things and if you really fall in love with a piece, give yourself plenty of time to sit with it.  In the end, if finances allow, give yourself the freedom to invest in quality pieces that you will bring you joy for a long time. 
Click here for more photos of Eloise's Nursery.  Well done Colleen!

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