Monday, January 17, 2011

Why It Works - A Craft Room

Happy Monday!  We're in the midst of shuffling some furniture around at our house.  We're going to try to create a home office for my husband and a separate work space for me (we currently share an office).  I'll try to document the process as we go.  I love this photo!  Sooo many good ideas and I'll be featuring several items from this room on IKEA FRIDAY this week. 


(via houseandhome.com)

  • Wallpaper.  I love that a craft room or a work room doesn't have to mean all utilitarian.  It still can have style, polish and personality.  With the furniture and accesories being so simple in this room, the graphic wallpaper really pops.  What a nice touch.
  • Lighting.  Again, working in a space that is both functional and inpsiring is very important.  This overhead pendant is great!  It is both functional and beautiful.  What a bold piece and I love that it also brings in some natural texture.
  • Closed storage.  The boxes and mounted cabinets really help keep this room clean and organized.  I really like how they tried to keep the visual clutter to a minimum.

  • Wall color.  Remember, you'll probably be spending a lot of time in this space and you want it to be inspiring and beautiful.  What colors make you happy?  Have you considered wall decals?  I know wallpaper can be daunting because it's both a time and money commitment, but paint and wall decals are simple, economical and easily changed.   
  • Work space.  When thinking about my own work space, I try to have an open work table or a long desk so that I can spread out.  Try not to clutter every flat surface with storage, accessories or equipment.  I love the open spaces in this photo and how they stored supplies on the wall, rather than on the work surfaces.
  • Wall cabinets.  In trying to create more work space, work vertically and use the walls!  This frees up an incredible amount of space.  You can use cabinets like in this photo or even floating shelves with bins and baskets. 

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