Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dining Room Progress

Well before the craziness of preschool and homeschool started in September, I spent some extra time doing projects around the house.  Thank goodness I did, because clearly, I don't have ANY time for it now.  I worked on my dining room in August, the same time I painted our kitchen chairs.  The inspiration for all the chair makeovers was actually getting our dining room to look like a dining room, and not an extra storage room.  As with many things, we're *almost* there. :)

Our dining table is piled up with stuff, again.  Let me tell you, it sure takes some discipline not to have that nice clear dining table as a catch all spot!  I'm almost tempted to set the table.  We'd definitely think twice before throwing stuff on there.  I hope to be able to share pics of our table soon.  :) In the meantime...

Here's our dining room buffet...

And here it is...

It was fun styling the buffet top.  The only things that are new are the 2 buffet lamps that I got on clearance at Pier One for about $20 for the pair.  It was a steal!  I had fun shopping our home and seeing what we could use.  I fiddled around with different arrangements and nothing felt right until I added the woven tray.  Once I placed that, everything fell into place.  The tabletop needed some warmth and texture and the tray was just right.

Leftover dining chair fabric helps to bring some more warmth and softness.

I got this frame at Goodwill for $5.  Then I just had foamcore cut at Michael's for about $10 and got chalkboard spraypaint there too.  Voila.  I've always wanted to do this project and it was so easy.  If you've ever thought about, go for it!  So easy and gratifying!

I love maidenhair ferns and this was the perfect spot for this little guy.  Again he adds more softness to an area with alot of sleek, hard surfaces, but more importantly, he also hides the cords from the lamp.  :)

This buffet table will probably change with the sesasons.  I think this will be the perfect place to put my little Christmas village that I got on sale last year.  :)

Tomorrow... pics of our "new" dining chairs.

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