Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rhythm & Routine - Family Schedules

(A little rhythm from my #2 )

Well, we're almost 1 month into homeschooling and overall, its going well.  I'm tweaking things every week, moving things around and following the classic teacher mantra of "monitor and adjust".  What I'm enjoying most is the structure and rhythm our new schedule has given our family.  Generally speaking, I tend to shy away from schedules only because if I make one, I make myself crazy trying to stick to it to a tee.  But for now, a schedule is a necessity and it has worked out really well. 

It is completely true what they say about kids... that they crave structure and routine.  And so do grown ups I'll add!  :)  My kids like knowing that there's a predictabiliy to each day and week.  We have preschool days, library days, bible study and coop days, soccer practice...  We're so much more intentional and productive with our time.  Before this, I felt like somedays we were all wandering the house (a house full of toys mind you) trying to find something to do.  Now, we have so many projects and things that need to be done, that idle tv time decreased dramatically.  When we do watch tv or want some downtime, we can do it guilt-free.

So... if a schedule sounds like something that might help your family, I rounded up a few resources with templates that you can download and customize (some for free).   

  • iheartorganizing is a fabulous blog!  Tons of practical posts and many great lists, schedules, and templates for free and for purchase through Jen's etsy shop.  I'm sure you'll find something that will make your life easier here! 

  • jonesdesigncompany.  I've written a lot about the beautiful work that Emily does through JDC.  She now has a monthly subscription program with new schedules, lists and templates every month.  How great it is to be organized and do it so beautifully! 

  • lisawhelchel.com.  If the name sounds familiar, yes she was the 80s star in Facts of Life, but since then has been a great advocate for homeschooling moms and Christian families.

  • familieswithapurpose.  I just discovered this site and it seems to have a large selection of templates and schedules that you can download for free. 

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JMark said...

Thanks for this - I was just pulling together our family calendar to get ready for the cold weather indoor months... it will b helpful to see how other folks are doing this!


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