Monday, October 10, 2011

Another Weekend & Another Project - Decals!

Goood Morning!  Happy Monday!  Hope you had a great weekend.  Seems like weekend are the only times we can rally and do anything around the house the days, so yup... we did another small update.  Remember when I did WHY IT WORKS Mondays?  Maybe I should start a new column called PROJECT Mondays?

Hmm... 2nd thought... nah, too much pressure!  I don't think I could keep it up.  :)  I'll stick to spontaneous inspiration.  :)

This time, we did a little work in my daughter's room.  This room has been an going project for several months now.  Remember this inspiration board I posted in July?  I started on it with the scalloped painting treatment on the ceiling and my IKEA Maskros Painting Project in the beginning of the summer!  I'm feeling like I want to give it one last push and get it done... before January!  :)

Ok... here's what we did.  The bed we have in their is oh so comfy, but it's very low and doesn't have a headboard.  It's my husband's old platform bed from his parents' house.  So, it's a perfectly good bed, but it definitely needed something.  To save money and not buy a headboard, I've been looking at decals for awhile.  Althought this option was a very close second!  Gorgeous end product, just too much work for me right now. 

I happened to find this decal on clearance this weekend and I had a coupon I had to use too!  Divine!  :)  It was meant to be!

(notice the shadows on the wall?  from the Maskros light)


A few more touches to go.  But a huge improvement!
(notice the light and ceiling from before)

Decals are fabulous!  What a great invention!  There so many awesome ones out there, I plan on posting a round up of my favorites later this week.  Love those things!  :)


Jmark said...

Wow - so adorable and chic! Love it!!!!!!!

cwu said...

Lovely, creative, AND a cost saver! Perfect!


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