Friday, October 14, 2011

IKEA Fridays - Meet ISALA

This has to be one of my favorite items that IKEA has launched this year.  I'm in love with its classic lines, the charming details of the legs, versatility of the pieces and its interesting pale gray/lavender finish. 

Isala Coffee Table $199

Isala Sideboard $199
Isala Cabinet $199

The sideboard and cabinets are especially versatile.  They could easily work in a kitchen, living room, dining room, AND bedroom.  The pieces are wonderful as is, but can you imagine them with updated hardware, painting the trim a contrasting white or black or even applying wallpaper to the door or cabinet fronts? 

We have a full weekend ahead of us filled with soccer games, birthday parties and I might even be able to check out the new West Elm store that just opened in Seattle!

See you Monday!


MandoRama said...

Love this new line! But why-oh-why is the only color they make the cabinet in the deep purple color? (lilac, to be exact) Do you think it would take some paint?

Cathy said...

Yes, I think this would definitely take paint. Just prime and paint!


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