Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween Party Details

Here are some pictures from our Halloween Party.  A couple of weeks ago, I shared my inspirations so I wanted to show how things turned out in real life.

It was a great night!  It was so much fun seeing all the kids dressed up and so excited about Halloween!  We had about 20 kids under the age of 5.  It was quite a scene once we headed out to Trick or Treat!  We were happy to be a part of creating some special memories for our kids and their friends.  Scroll all the way to the bottom for ideas for your next party.

We kept the decor simple with some
 Halloween lights and pumpkins

A simple tablescape with a black/orange polka dot fabric.
 The crepe paper cone for our pendants were fun. 

I was inspired by mini cones that Martha Stewart made
for small, stringed lights.  I just enlarged the cone
and added crepe paper "petals"

We had a photo booth set up.  A dear friend helped us with the logistics. 
We shot the photos "photo booth" style.  Can you guess our costume?

Trying to add some balance to all the candy with fruit kabobs.

Popcorn served in unbleached cupcake liners.

The caramel apple bar was a BIG hit! 

INSPIRATIONS:  Some ideas that you might want to try for your next party.

  • TEAMWORK!  Cohost with a friend(s)!  Enlist the help and talent of your friends.  Many hands make for light work!  (and more fun!)
  • SIMPLE MENU!  I'm so glad we went with just finger foods/desserts.  Everyone still had a great time and it allowed us to have a bigger guest list.
  • FABRIC!  Many times, its even cheaper than plastic/paper tablecloths at the party store.  For example, Joann's is always having sales on their fabric.  I spent $5.00 for our tablecloth.
  • MINI CROCKPOT!  This was my first time using one of these and it worked great!  You can use it for caramel, chocolate or cheese.  Just prepare some toppings, items to dip and you're all set!  (set it and forget it.)   :)
  • RELAX and HAVE FUN!  Enjoy the company of your guests.  That was the whole point right?  
Lastly, never feel like you need a big budget to host a party like this.  Total cost for this party was probably $30.  The decorations were around $10-15 and a few friends helped with the food. 


seattlegal said...

That looks nice, Cathy! And you guys are so cute!

Lys said...

wow, what a budget-friendly party! where did you find the unbleached cupcake holders? pcc?


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