Monday, November 29, 2010

WHY IT WORKS - Gallery Walls

I love how putting anything in a frame can make it special!  They make an even greater impact when you assemble the frames and make a gallery wall.  Take it one step further... I love it when the gallery is in a front hall or entrance.  What a great way to tell your story to anyone who enters your home!  It's what makes a house, a home.  These inspiration photos do just that. 


Lauren over at Pure Style Home created this beautiful entry in her home.  First of all, don't you love the color of her door?  Second, those frames sure make an impact when you enter.  Click here for details on how she created her entry. 

(image from purestylehome.com)
Next, this photo is of Nicole's entry from her blog, Meohmy.  These are all family photos that have been placed in simple IKEA frames.  I love how she arranged them and how she can continue to add to her gallery!  Click here to read more.

(images from meohmy.com)

Our 3rd inspiration photo comes from Paige over at paigeknudsen.blogspot.com.  Nicely done isn't it?  Paige did a great job of showing how she created this look.  Click here.

  • Something that all these photos have in common is their scale.  Go bold!  Too often, we see photo galleries composed of frames that are too small. 
  • White mats!  They make anything look beautiful, polished and important. 
  • Frames.  Good sources for inexpensive frames are IKEA, Target, and Aaron Brothers, especially when A.B. has their penny sale!
Creating a gallery wall does not mean spending a lot of money.  There is beauty all around you in books, nature, photographs, mementos...  Where do you find beauty and joy?

This is will be my next home improvement project!  Maybe yours too?  :)

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