Monday, November 8, 2010

Why It Works - A Charlotte Living Room

Boy, when I saw photos of this living room, I was immediately in love!   This is the home of interior designer, Beth Keim, owner of Lucy and Company in Charlotte, NC.  Let's break it down!

(image from lucyandcompany.com)

  • Wall Color!  HELLO!  (you remember that line from Jerry McGuire?  "you had me at hello")  What a gorgeous choice! 
  • Symmetry.  The lamps behind the sofa definitely works!  One of my favorite looks is a sofa table behind a sofa, especially if the back of the sofa is facing another room like in this photo.  It helps that those lamps are GORGEOUS!
  • Accent color.  Notice how the accent colors are spread throughout the room so that there's a sense of flow among all the elements.  You have orange in the throw pillows, lamps, decorative bowl, and side chair.


  • Wall color.  This is a big decision and not something you want to rush into.  Always buy small samples and do test patches.  If you have a room that has lots of light and white trim, you can definitely get away with bolder colors and it doesn't feel too heavy.  Notice all the white trim in the inspiration room.
  • Matching lamps.  ALWAYS look chic.  You can place them on an entry, sofa table, buffet, mantle... you can't go wrong!
  • Color Palette.  Pick a palette and stick to it.  I like spaces where I can immediately pick out a color palette, rather than a hodge podge of colors and patterns.  To me, it's calming.  I love how she picked a color palette and committed to it.  It makes more of an impact.  There are tons of gorgeous things out there... but you don't have to bring them all home.  :)
Later this week, I'll be sharing more inspiring ideas from Beth's beautiful home.

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