Friday, November 12, 2010

IKEA FRIDAY - Meet Alang and Ljusas Salbo

Remember this photo from Monday's inspiration room?

(image from lucyandcompany.com)

Well my IKEA picks for this week were inspired by those beautiful lamps.

Meet Alang.  She has been at IKEA now for many years.  She used to come with only brown or white shades, I was happy to see this beautiful gray shade this year!  Like most designers... I'm in love with all things gray.  This is a beautiful and very versatile lamp.  I have a pair of these lamps that I use on our night stands in our master bedroom right now.  But I could easily move them into our entry or family room.  My favorite features of this lamp are the adjustable base and the delicately woven shade.  You would think it costs way more than $29.99.

Next up, meet Ljusas Salbo.  What I notice first about Ljusas is her gorgeous figure!  I've also loved gourd lamps and this is a great variation of that.  Also, the color... LOVE it.  This lamp comes in other colors, but the gray is my favorite!  You can have Ljusas in your home for a mere $39.99.  Take a look back at our inspiration room, I think it's a pretty good match!

Alright!  Enjoy your weekend.  I will have a lot more to share next week on wall decor!

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